At-Home Lower Body Circuit Workout

Home Workout with Page Paul - Lower Body Circuit

Jul 14th, 2020

No gym? No problem! 2020 is the year of many things, including home workouts. Honestly, it's kind of nice not worrying about how #fit the girl working out next to you is, or sweaty strangers hogging the gym equipment. Maybe we'll all learn to love working out at home by the time things go back to normal!

If you're looking for quick and easy home workouts to keep you in shape, you've come to the right place. This lower-body workout with @buddylovespage requires minimal equipment and will help keep that summer bod lookin' right!



-Dumbbells (Page is using 25lb)

-Resistance band


-BuddyLove Athleisure set (wearing the Kayla Sports Bra and Michaels Leggings in our Blues print)

Lower Body Circuit Workout

  4x through each exercise

1. DUMBBELL DEAD LIFT- 12 reps per leg

2. PULSE SQUAT- 12 reps

3. REVERSE LUNGE- 12 reps per leg

4. GLUTE BRIDGE- 20 reps

5. STEP UPS- 10 reps per leg

6. LYING LEG ABDUCTION- 15 reps per leg

Do you feel the burn?! Add this circuit to your weekly workout regime and you'll be well on your way to toned legs and a built booty. Come back for more home workouts with the BabeCrew!

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